painted with mud by Don Dixon β˜•οΈ 🎨 Reposted from @drinkmudwtr So I'm posting my reel again because somehow the last one didn't have sound. πŸ™‚ Congrats to all who contributed Some animation work I did on Back to the Outback! Now playing on Netflix! Check it out!! #Netflix #animation #reelfx Some reference and animation I did for the movie BACK TO THE OUTBACK Now streaming on Netflix So go #artvsartist2021 #artvsartist2021 #art #creative #interracial #interraciallove #interraciallovers #viralart #aluminumprint #design #characterdesign #painting #artistic #trending #arttrend #arttrending #Tuesday #weeklyart #artshare I adore this! CAME OUT Great!! Artist Don Dixon. I did this fan art of @lizzobeeating on tik tok and it was banned for bullying and sexual content. ??? New coffee Minis available tomorrow on 🎨 Sold! 🎨 #coffeepaintings β˜• 🎨 🎨 Mini coffee works SOLD! β˜• SCRIBCREATIVE.COM 🎨 Pain and Process solo art show. "Love in Blue" 2020 Acrylic.

I am pushing myself and feeling the energy of my scribs take their own form. I want to capture the fun side of art, the freedom of line, and energy and the imagination we all have in our childhood. My goal is to light the flame of imagination in people and businesses. I create Art, Books and participate in speaking events and creative collaborations.

About Don

Over 20 years experience in art and design and animation. Loves to laugh, and work with teams to create exciting new visions that capture the imagination of us all. He has worked on feature films such as THE BOOK OF LIFE, FREE BIRDS, ROCKDOG, SHERLOCK GNOMES, UGLY DOLLS, SCOOB! as well as Television and video game animation, illustration for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Born in North Carolina in 1978, Don Dixon grew up in a household with a 7-foot robot which looked after him and his sisters. Don’s father created robots for companies like Atari and Worlds of Wonder, eventually moving the family to California.

Commission Work?

Commissions are a partnership between the artist and you. I enjoy commission projects when time allows. Please contact us to setup a chat so we can discuss your needs.

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