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Attend Don’s show on September 15, 2021, in Plano, Texas to experience a creative journey covering 20 years of achievement arriving at a poignant and honest view of reality.

Dallas, Texas, August 28, 2021.

Artist and creative inspiration, Don Dixon will share the culmination of an inspiring 20-year journey, displayed in his premier solo show, Pain and Process, September 15, 2021, at Event 1013 in Old Downtown Plano.

Don is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, holding a BFA in Animation and Digital Media. His career started out at WMS Gaming in Chicago where he created 2D and 3D animation. His career has taken him throughout the country, finding his roots in Texas, where he continues to pursue his creative journey.

Born in North Carolina, Don grew up in a family life filled with creativity, play, and the influence of a talented father who was a design engineer in the robotics and toy industry, creating designs for companies such as Atari and Worlds of Wonder. Don’s father was virtually the only person of color designing in this field at the time. Few people can say they grew up in a happy, creative household with a seven-foot-tall robot that was considered one of the family.

Genuinely influenced by his father’s success and challenges, Don became inspired to express his feelings through his art. He had always been fascinated with art, from early days as a child exploring finger painting. As a young adult, Don began to recognize some the real cultural problems such as systemic racism, cultural ignorance, and unspoken grief that seemed to go unchallenged. He wanted to impact these issues and make a difference with his art.
After the loss of his mother in 2015, Don began writing and illustrating a children’s book he titled, Dandelion, addressing the subject of grief and its impact on children. With the success of his first book, Don went on to create his latest book, Pain and Process, a collection of expressive works that reflect what he sees in today’s world.

Pain and Process serves as a mirror I hold up to the world as a Black man living in America now. I hope this book and the paintings it inspired starts meaningful conversations and spurs many interpretations.” Don said.

The Don Dixon Premier Solo Show, Pain and Process is Open to the Public, but an RSVP is preferred.

About Don Dixon

As an artist, I push myself to feel the energy and reflect life’s narrative through my creative endeavors. I want to capture not only the fun side of art, but also the freedom of line, energy, and the imagination we all have in our childhood. I want to amplify what’s going on in the real world through my art. The goal of my art is to light the flame of imagination and start a conversation. In addition to fine arts, I am passionate about the creative process, speaking at events and creative collaborations whenever the opportunity comes my way.
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